For your second online discussion, you will do a little research on the photography of Yousuf Karsh.
Read the introduction and look through The Man and The Work. Find out what motivated him and what made him one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. Take notes while researching in preparation for your online discussion. Note his use of lighting, subject matter, content, and composition. Choose photos that YOU find interesting and want to discuss with your classmates.

Quick tip for success: write your discussion responses in a word document and proofread, run spell check, read aloud, etc. before copying/pasting text into discussion.

Scoring: You will be graded on your diction, spelling, grammar, thoughtful discussion, GOOD questions posed, answering questions posed by others, etc. This 20pts. will go into your homework grade.

3+ mistakes
posted thoughtful questions
Clearly articulated question
inspires critical thinking and do
not just elicit a 'yes' or 'no' answer
good critical thinking
question is too
simple or does not
inspire critical thinking

posted thoughtful comments
all statements are backed by
evidence from photograph

followed all formatting directions
(used only the title of the photograph
referred to in subject line)

vocabulary use
vocabulary used corectly when

writing conventions
spelling, grammar, clarity, flow,
and appropriate for age level.

4pts - posted thoughtful question
4pts.- posted thoughtful comment
4pts.- followed all formatting directions (use only the title of the photograph you are referring to in the subject line)
4pts. -vocabulary use
4pts. -writing conventions

Here are the guidelines:
1. When you start a discussion, please use only the title of the photograph in the subject line.
2. Give well-intentioned, knowledgeable, and articulate responses. You will be graded based on your ability to make observations and inferences, use vocabulary (lighting, texture, composition, etc) and ask good questions.
3. Remember to use complete sentences and Standard English.
4. This assignment is worth 20 points toward your homework grade (10pts/posting)
5. Be open-minded!

Good luck and have fun!