Google docs is a useful website where you can create forms, tests, surveys, etc. and have the answers/data submitted to you. You can also use existing templates to make spreadsheets and graphs based on their answers too, like polls and such. Go to the Google Docs Website to create your test:

Once you're on the site, create your own google login name and password first.
1. create new spreadsheet (on menu- upper left)
2. go to form (menu at the top of the page, where file, view, etc. can be found)
3. Edit form (now the test shows up and you can start creating questions for your test)
4. Create different types of questions using the drop down menu. Click and drag to change the order.

1. The drop down menu has a list of different types of questions to ask (multiple choice, text, long answer, etc)
2. you do not get to put in the correct answers, unless you want them to show up on each test. First question should be for the name (text question)

It only sends you their answers-- you still have to manually grade them.