Week 1

**Download** and install Picasa Become familiar with saving your images to the computer's hard drive. Know how to move images to your computer from the camera. Create folders on the Y: drive in the RhoadesArt folder for each week's work.
Post an image of yourself on your blog and tell us something about yourself. You may shoot a self portrait using the self timer on your camera or more creatively, shoot a reflection of yourself in glass, mirrors, steel, shop windows... what can you imagine? Try using the search term "self portrait" in Google Images. Not to stress about this one though... have fun! E-mail me if you have any issues, problems, etc. Click the "Contact" button above.
Look at these self-portraits posted to Flickr. **Create**your own Picasa account to post your images to.

**Read** 10 tips for great pictures at Kodak. Read Digital Camera Controls
Read this article on pixels and resolution.
**Read this discussion** about the focal length of lenses

By the end of week 1, you are comfortable with using your camera, moving images around and posting and emailing them. All systems are working! Picasa is installed and working, you can open and edit your pictures, you know how to post to your blog, upload to picasa, link to me as a "friend" and communications with me are easy.
You have posted your picasa address in your blog. I can't find you otherwise.(make your accounts private)
You have posted a portrait and introduction of yourself on the blog and have done all of the reading.

1. Read Textbook on 'Setting up Your Digital Darkroom'
Describe the difference between digital photography and 35mm photography noting important factors to consider such as the process, equipment, pros and cons, time, cost, etc. 20 pts
2. Read the manual on your Nikon D50 to learn how to use it.
This manual can be found at www.nikonusa.com if the link above does not work.
Explain how a histogram works. 20 pts

3. Once you have become familiar with the controls, functions, and menus on your camera, you are ready to set up to start shooting. Soon you will be given a list of assignments and deadlines.

1st Assignment:
Due Tuesday 1/11/11 Your Photography Blog
First you need to create your own digital photography blog so that you have a place to submit your work for a grade. This will serve as a photography website to be viewed by colleges and prospective clients. Your blog must contain the following elements:
A name for your blog: 'Eric Crawford Photography' will do just fine.
Set up your blog and account settings (privacy settings, etc).