Due Monday by 5pm, 10/17/11: Art Criticism

Go to the Ansel Adams collection in the Art Institute of Chicago website and peruse each page (they get more interesting as you search).
Post responses to two photos that you find interesting. If no one has yet posted, CONGRATULATIONS! You've won the opportunity to START the first discussion!

Here are the guidelines:
1. When you start a discussion, click on the DISCUSSION tab above. Please use only the title of the photograph in the subject line. You should mention the category in which it was found in the body of your post.
2. Give well-intentioned, knowledgeable, and articulate responses. You will be graded based on your ability to make observations, inferences, and ask good questions for others to ponder and reflect on.
3. Remember to use complete sentences and Standard English.
4. This assignment is worth 20 points toward your homework grade (10pts poss./posting)
5. Be open-minded! What do you think the artist is trying to communicate/show us?

An example of a good question/comment forces the reader to think more abstractly and does not state the obvious:
How have the elements and principles of art been used to communicate? Evaluate the effectiveness of composition, etc.

Need Help coming up good questions and comments? Can't remember the elements and principles?
See Art Criticism handouts on the left side bar for help here.

Grading: 20 pts. possible
5pts. Complete sentences, exemplary grammar, Standard English
5pts. Posts are thoughtful and articulate. (back your statements with solid reasoning)
5pts. Pose at least one good question
5pts. Demonstrate your ability to notice details through your observations, inferences, and questions.

Tip: type out onto a word document, spell check & proofread, copy & paste onto post.