Appreciate the textures around you!

2001, Jennifer Rhoades

Textures help tell us the story. Surfaces with a worn texture, such as the one in this brick wall, reveal history. Textures can communicate things that cannot be expressed in words. Texture helps tell the story. Once you use texture as an overall communication element, your images will become all that more powerful:
Copyright: Jennifer Rhoades
Copyright: Jennifer Rhoades

Your assignment:

Create abstract images by investigating the patterns and textures around you.
Move your viewfinder around the area until you find an aesthetically pleasing composition.
Here are some helpful websites for inspiration:
This website shows how the direction of light will really bring out the texture in any surface!
More information here:
Basic photography techniques: texture, pattern, lighting, etc.

Fill the frame. Use the rule of thirds. Pay attention to light. Bracket your shots. Have fun!